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General Surgery

What is General Surgery/Surgeon?

General surgery is the field of surgery mainly concerned with disorders of the abdomen.

A large part of a general surgeon’s workload is to provide emergency surgical care to patients with a wide range of conditions (hence the general). General surgeons also provide the backbone of trauma surgery in most hospitals in Australia.

Nowadays most general surgeons will have some sub-speciality training or have a sub-speciality interest for their non-emergency caseload. These include upper GI, HPB, colorectal, endocrine, thyroid and breast surgery.

However, there are many conditions and procedures that fall between the cracks of sub-speciality which is why it is important for general surgeons to maintain skills. Examples of this may be skin cancers, hernia surgery, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. It is also important for general practitioners to have a general specialist, who can assess conditions that are not clear cut.

Although Dr Gandy is primarily a specialist, he is proud to offer the full range of general surgical treatments.