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What to Expect at The Hospital?

In most cases, you will be admitted to the hospital on the morning of your operation, unless previously specified by Dr Gandy or his anaesthetic team.  An admissions clerk will check your details and admission paperwork is in order (they will already have this). From there one of the peri operative nurses will do a final check of details and help you change into a surgical gown. Any valuables will be stored in a secure area and returned to you after your procedure. When the operating room staff are ready you will be taken to the anaesthetic bay or pre-anaesthetic area.  You will have time to discuss any outstanding anaesthetic or surgical issues with our team.  From there the process of anaesthetic will begin. 


Prior to your admission to hospital you may need to attend a pre-anaesthetic clinic to assess your fitness for surgery. This may include a heart trace and chest x ray.


In most cases, very little preparation is required after all the necessary investigations are completed at your outpatient visits.  It is advisable to continue to exercise as possible and keeping weight off will help the surgeons performing your procedure.

Patients undergoing complex surgery and cancer surgery may be advised to take some vitamin and nutritional supplements prior to surgery

Preparation for colonoscopy requires the bowel to be cleansed with ‘bowel prep’  

Unless otherwise instructed patients should remain Nil by Mouth for 6 hours prior to Surgery.  Fasting instructions are confirmed in a telephone call from the admitting hospital in the days prior to your procedure.