• Informed

    Better informed patients lead to improved outcomes

  • Compassionate

    Patient-Centric Approach

  • Liberating

    Freedom to voice your needs and concerns

  • Understanding

    Dr Gandy listens and cares

  • Proficient

    Improvement of patient care

Surgeon selection

Dr Gandy works alongside with some of Australia’s best surgeons, gastroenterologists, radiologists, anaesthetists, medical and radiation oncologists.  During your treatment, you may be required to have specialist tests or treatments performed by one or more of these doctors.

Health professionals who may care for you include:

  • Gastroenterologist – involved in diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and treatment of bile duct obstruction
  • Anaesthetist – responsible for your care during the operation and assisting in pain management following the operation
  • Medical oncologist – responsible for chemotherapy
  • Radiation oncologist – responsible for radiotherapy
  • Nurses – support and assist you through all stages of your hospital stay
  • Dietitian – supports and educates patients about optimal nutrition and diet during treatment and recovery
  • Social worker - link you to support services and
  • Physiotherapist and occupational therapist -  help you to get back to normal activities.